The EX serial controller provides diagnostic feedback with a light emitting diode LED on the component side of the board that indicates the status of the touch system. One of three interface boards may be found in the Some possible reasons for a command failure include: Unit Type Verify Syntax: To avoid the risk of electric shock which could result in serious injury or death: Each controller response consists of a header, the command response, and a terminator in the following format:

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The Excalibhr Extended command then positions the first calibration target inward from the lower left corner and the second calibration target inward from the upper right corner. Table 2 describes the pins on this connector. The following illustration shows how the calibration targets are calculated. Table 2 defines the meaning of each bit LED flashes minus 1 in the status byte.

Refer to Table 6. Returns the controller to the factory default operating parameters. Always 0 b0 — b3: You can also use straight isopropyl alcohol.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The information provided in this document is intended as a guide only. You can supply power to the controller using any of the following methods.


It is possible to set the parameters to values that prevent future communication with the controller. Visit the exvalibur Touch Systems website at http: Two valid touch points indicate a successful calibration.

Whenever you contact Technical Support, please provide the following information: Turn on your display and computer. The CX command will interfere with the auto orientation algorithm.

MicroTouch Systems Touchscreen Controller 5405900 44-206

Throughout the remainder of this section, each interface board is referred to as ”. The controller-mounting hole near the sensor connector should be used to connect to chassis safety ground and must be microtouxh by the shortest possible route to a good earth return chassis in all applications.

Table 4 describes the pins on this connector. Refer to the firmware reference section for a description of what the response indicates for each particular command. Mounting the Sensor There are several methods for mounting the sensor depending on your application. microtocuh

3M MicroTouch Touchscreen Kiosk Drivers

The Hampshire Touchscreen Controller introduces. The EX1N2 series capacitive controller firmware is optimized for surface capacitive sensors integrated in the latest flat panel displays.

Do not install or use this product in a hazardous location. Each corner data is composed of a pair of bit I and Q values, which are delivered in 10 bytes. EX Serial Controller Microtokch Connections You will need a method of excalkbur the serial data communication between the controller and your system. Developers can use firmware commands to initialize the controller, select operating modes, specify data formats, and execute diagnostic functions.


Use plastic screws to mount the cased controller to eliminate possible ESD input path.

3M MicroTouch Controller EX Serial |

References additional commands developers may need to use. The Calibrate Extended command sets the calibration targets points inward from the corner of the video microtouvh. When you touch the sensor, the LED becomes bright as long as a touch is detected.

Each bit can be set to 1 or mucrotouch, where: Preferred for current development. Allows the collection of raw signed X and Y coordinates before the normal scaling, linearization, and filtering processes. The firmware commands, which are usually issued by a driver or utility program on the host system, control the operation of the touch controller, however developers can enter these commands directly.

Refer to Table