If you are using a pen stylus, repeat the linearization procedure with the pen. You can define touch settings using the MT 7 Control Panel. Symptoms of this are a lack of touch or possibly erratic touch with USB touch controllers. Close MT 7 software if it is open. Use the Tools tab to restore hardware or software defaults, reset controller, run Draw Test from the desktop, and to enable Advanced Options for your touch sensor.

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User guide | 3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide

The first method is to create XorgConfig. Cannot install the X input module The Install script could not find the directory for the X input module.

Select the Main tab. These options are available only if your system has a pen controller. Whenever you contact Technical Support, please provide the following information: In Drawing Mode, a touch is micritouch to pressing and holding down the mouse button. If it does not, open a terminal window and type the command “X -version”. Touch the sensor positioning your fingertip to completely cover the green target.

By default, it uses a ‘data’ directory in the twscreen directory.

3M MicroTouch Software MT7 – 3M Touch Systems – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

To draw, simply touch the sensor and drag your finger or pen. Scripts that launch the X server reference the programs xdm, gdm, or kdm. The information provided in this document is intended as a guide only. If you run the Install script and then discover errors, always run the Remove script to undo the installation.


Any script that inspects serial ports must finish before the TWDrvStartup script runs. This guess midrotouch occasionally wrong. Restore Factory Settings Software The Reset Software option is useful if you have reconfigured the MT 7 software and need to get back to a working state.

Copy the new xorg. Touch the sensor and position your fingertip to completely cover the green target. Make sure no other applications are open. Technical Support for assistance performing a manual linearization. Drawing Mode Default Value Drawing Mode is most useful for draw, paint, illustration, and graphics applications. If udev resides elsewhere, change the definition of UdevDir to the appropriate path.

Linearization consists of touching 25 targets on the display followed by 16 additional points to determine specific point accuracy over the face of the display.

Once you have linked your touch screen to monitors, you may choose to Save your mlcrotouch, Cancel your changes or simply Start Over. You should be aware of expected results before executing any option. Download the MT 7 Microtoucu program from the www.

Sensor Status Sensor Status refers to whether or not the sensor has been found and is operational. Test by touching several points on the sensor to make sure you are satisfied with the calibration results.


An install script installs the package. You can add this parameter to the system by editing the text file TwParams.

3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide |

Check that the sensor and controller cables do not have any kinks and that connector pins are not bent. When you want to select an item, lifting your finger off the sensor will cause a button down, short pause, and then a button up to occur.

The Installer places most its files in a central directory called “C: Component Versions This is an informational screen for diagnostic purposes that details the building blocks of MT 7 and its version numbers.

This new application program interface API incorporates “single finger gesture recognition”, as well as a programmable “radial menu” feature that allow developers to enhance their user interface with intuitive touch features. If you downloaded the distribution, unzip the file into another directory beforehand.

Also, note that each driver presents different functions.