You can play files in either Windows Media or MP3 format including files with the extensions. When you charge the battery upon a warning of low power, you should charge for at least 30 minutes before unplugging the AC adapter. Set a picture as the background on the Today screen. For standalone use it is quite usable, but using it as a modem with a laptop is going to be problematic, something the can handle pretty well. To end the second call and go back to the first, or press the Rejecting the Second Call To reject the second call and keep your current call in progress, tap not to press the End button; doing so will end the current call. Then enter PIN and you will have signal. Marking labels located on the exterior of your device indicate the regulations that your model complies with.

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You ,odem customize the Calendar display for example, change the first day of the weekby tapping the Menu soft key Creating an Appointment 1. Tap Prompt if device unused for 2.

MiTAC Mio A701 – A701.MoDaCo.com

When the phone layout screen is on after Rom upgrade, hard reset or soft reset never enter the PIN, but mdoem the Cancel bar. Dial a second number and tap press the Talk button to connect. Leaving the Bluetooth capability active will consume more power. Still a far cry from the kbps offered by Edge connectivity on the HP hw XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device!


Answering A Call To answer an incoming call, tap pop-up window or press the You can use other programs on A during a call. I’ve used it for a bt headset while running tt5.

You can create new workbooks on your A or you can copy workbooks from your desktop computer to your A A dual sound volume button is located at the left side.


At the moment we can seriously discuss camera quality starting from 2-megapixel resolution. Your A will automatically connect.

Microsoft Exchange Server with A The module is controlled by the standard Microsoft stack. Deleting a Speed Dial Entry 1. A-2 About the Radio Frequency Exposure Page Synchronize a Favorite Link You can synchronize the Internet Explorer favorites on your desktop computer with your A so you can use them with Internet Explorer Mobile as well.

Also do you know if the Bluetooth function can be run at the same time as TT5? On the whole, Mio A turned out to be one of the most productive models among communicators and PDAs. Tracking Friends and Colleagues Entering Information When you use the Input panel, your A anticipates the word you are typing or writing and displays it above the Input panel.

If you plan to travel abroad with your A, consult your dealer for the appropriate AC adapter for use in your country of destination.


Word Mobile Microsoft Word Mobile works with Microsoft Word on your desktop computer to give you easy access to copies of your documents. The reason of bug is known and I am working on a software solution. It would have been a mistake to think that the level of GPS implementation in the first Mio communicator would be lower compared to competitors.

To add moxem audio file, tap Audio. Preferred networks You can set your preferred networks in the order you want A to access them. Creating A Note Creating a Note 1.

K-lite Codec Pack 3. Locking The Phone Locking the Phone You can protect your phone from unauthorized use by assigning a type of password called a PIN personal identification number. Tap and hold the entry you wish to send a text Send Text Message message, aa701 tap shortcut menu.

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Capturing Thoughts And Ideas 5. On the other hand, you can use special programs and assign these special actions to hardware buttons. When the editing is completed, tap the key. To change the screen view, do one of the following: