Best smartwatches this year. Last week Last 2 days Most commented. A shadow area of an image taken in a hotel room displayed a slightly odd magenta tinge. We’ve no idea if the L16 will be a successful product. Best Android photo and video apps. Well, that tech is reportedly going to be used in a phone that will launch later this year. But there was definitely more actual detail — you know, the kind that the NSA would be interested in for reading faraway signs.

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Light will have to tighten up the software it includes with a handset or else this device will be DOA. A Light produced smartphone will reportedly feature a 64MP primary camera, take better quality photos when lighting is low, and offer special depth effects that probably go beyond the blurry background bokeh shots that are all the rage.

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Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased – Latest News | Gadgets Now

And the innovation in the world of optics was seriously lacking. And each time, algorithms can use that data in different ways to drastically increase the quality relative to what you would normally get with a smaller sensor Google dedicates doodle to the year’s shortest day Biggest technology launches, news, events and more Amazon No.


Computational photography is a lot more than just stitching photos together. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

But how can that be? This is more of a “lasagna layering” of information These photos “overlap” several times, so to speak. Can you install on it hundreds of phonee from cheap to very expensive covering all needs? Here are the facts.

Bob Best Tim Foster – October 27, Definitely, but they are likely referring to full frame equivalent focal lengths. Plastic elements can be molded and stamped out perfectly every time, which means each of the lenses in the L16 costs a single dollar. Adam works mostly across California on all things photography and art.

Instead, he comes from one of innovation, after serving motkrola the CTO of Flarion Technologies, which was later bought by Qualcomm odds are you have a Qualcomm chip in your phone for its LTE technology. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Light says that it hopes to unveil a smartphone sometime later this year.

If it were up to me, we’d simply get phonw with actual angle of view in degrees or radians, for that matter, who cares?

Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased

Phonne startup Light has showcased its L16 camera, which is claimed to have the most number of lenses of any camera available out there. Combined, they allow the L16 to provide 35mm – mm optical zoom.


Want to k16 about gear? OnePlus 6T has a ‘hidden’ camera lens, here’s what it does. The new device runs an unspecified version of Android – which, being a free and highly customizable OS, seems to be the perfect choice for such a camera.

The Crazy Things You’ll Hear from Light, Makers of the L16

If successful then they will release 2nd version, 3rd, 4th and so on. All Comments Your Activity. So, this is the weird part. The point of DSLR is its versatility and collection of motorlla. To make all those sensors work together, the tech requires an immense amount of processing power, which in turn costs a lot.

Yet there’s a reason Light felt the time was right. Best Android photo and video apps. At the moment, full tech specs are missing, but we know that the L16 features Wi-Fi and a dual LED flash, and is about the size of a Google Nexus 6 though it’s twice as thick.