Check items to add to the basket or select all. Why you can’t lock these buttons, I don’t know. However, a few disappointments are the camera sucks compare to my brother’s v; the screen freezes when I read my SMS msges; it viberates out of no where; and there’re no other faceplate that I can replace the original one with. One thing i really like is the fact that it can use mp3s as ring tones. Regulatory Approval FCC approval: If a cell phone can’t take the heat of a February day in Texas, then it is of absolutely no use to me. This is the first new set Ive had since my old nokias with my bell and fido contracts.

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Is there a two-way communication feature on this device?

Motorola V User Reviews

Is it possible to download the pictures from the v to my computer. Once you do this, there’s an option below that to assign a “ringer ID”. I got my v for about 5 months now, and i think its great.

I have a usb cable from a digital video camera that has the same connection as the v, when I connect it to my computer, it shows it dectected the v but says it cannot find the driver.

Motorola FOCUS66

Talk time – As rated by manufacturer. Review Sections Review Prices Specs.


So i took a chance on the v, as it was a sweet deal good price same as v was the wk beforeinstant rebate and hands free headset.

Numeric keypad, Soft keys. It took 6 weeks for Motorola to return the phone just to say they found nothing wrong with it. By the way I also had the opportunity to test a Motorola V for the last 2 weeks So if any one can help then that will be great.

A mirror surrounds the V’s camera lens. Also the camedia does not seem to work very good anymore before there was service in my basment but now there is not so now I need to buy a new attena until I get the camerja to buy another phone I have to stick to this one. Connect your phone to your PC Shipping Weight: If you’re near light then you’ll get clear photos.

The v speaker phone has interference from signals. Recording Plans hour recording, day recording, 7-day recording.

For some reason I cant see the screen. Store the address book on the phone and you’ll have picture-id, voice selected dialing, and some added features. It ain’t exactly the most tech savvy phone on the market.

I did not buy the e-mail package from cingular so e-mail from phone is not an option. Unless that’s going to change. I guarantee there is no physical damage whatsoever. I got one motorolq these in January, and within ten days it had completely stopped working. Nice phone, vibrate and rings not loud enough. Used Gear Sell Your F220.


Recording plans are available for purchase if you would like to record video. When I plugged in the charger, it said “charging” but I couldn’t get it to do anything more. Low and behold, when cajeria later tried to change the colour style, just a blurred screen came up. Only registered users can write reviews. We had to exchange it within the 30 days because it died.

Apparently this phone cannot stand the heat of a February day in Mexico where I was at the timenor in Texas where my friend was. If anyone else is intrested in this then i encourage them to simply do a little us on line, and buy the proper usb cable.

Now the company builds on its success with the V for Cingular Wireless. Have a good one. You can’t seem to lock them and they are easily depressed when in a pocket.